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Information about my branch of the Allerton Family can be found here

I host  sites for a few friends here:

Tregella, Holiday Cottage near Padstow, North Cornwall
Lucy Cross, Music Teacher
and Recorder Performer
John Byrt

Carl Bendelow's Photos
Ing Hill Lodge, Cumbria
Self-Catering and Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

Some more useful links:

Society of Recorder Players

Devon Performing Arts Festival

May Hill Edition
Bella Musica Recorder Trio

For some years now I have voluntarily acted as a beta-tester of software for a small company. This has been a very interesting, if sometimes frustrating, activity, from which I have learned as much as (I hope) I have contributed.

You may be interested in their products: FileCOPA, NaviCOPA, PingCOPA, RegCOPA and most important, their multi-user email client, MailCOPA