Lucy Cross

My Vision

Being young and idealistic I have a vision !

This is a time when the recorder will be an instrument highly regarded to all that come into contact with it. An instrument that has no hidden associations to “horrible squeaking plastic things” but as a beautiful instrument that has so many possibilities in music today and hundreds of years ago.


The recorder is so well suited to being a perfect instrument to learn.

It’s an instrument that with which a child (or adult) can easily make a start in playing music. It's not terribly expensive to start with, an Aulos recorder can take you a very long way! Frustrated starters can feel as though “something is happening” very early on.

Although easy to start with, it is an instrument that requires a lot of work to play really well, but along the way you have the great satisfaction of being able to make wonderful music on an instrument regarded as one of the first instruments of time.

You may be surprised to learn that the recorder is widely played in groups all over the world, by young and old alike. It has fantastic social advantages too, many counties have recorder groups which are based with the Society of Recorder Players and you can meet so many people, of all ages.

There is even a National Youth Recorder Orchestra.

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