Saw the surgeon yesterday (Mr Dalrymple-Hay) who said he could do something to improve my condition. This was in contrast to the chap who did the angiogram about a month ago, who seemed more pessimistic.

My coronary arteries have multiple narrowings (up to 80%), as have the two bypass grafts I had 17 years ago. Because of the previous surgery, it will be much more difficult this time around, because of adhesions and scarring of the coronary arteries.

The details are a bit scary – the heart will probably be stuck to the breastbone, and there will be other adhesions which will make it difficult to free up to heart in order to get access to it. But he thinks he can manage it.

I will probably have three grafts on the front of the heart, and if possible one on the circumflex artery (at the rear of the heart) but he may not manage this because of difficulty of access and this artery is very small.

He reckons he can get me angina-free, and able to do moderate exercise, maybe go walking in the Lakes again!

He was approachable, informative, and seemed to have a realistic confidence in what he can do, so I feel reassured that my life will last a bit longer and be a bit better during that time. At the moment I can do very little – any slight exertion (walking too fast, being too busy) causes chest pain.

He hopes to do it in June, possible early June.

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  1. Helen Mountain says:

    Hi Ashley and of course Debs and Hannah

    Thank you so much for providing this information – I think we are all pleased to be kept up to speed. In spite of the fact that you have not heard from me for some time I have been thinking of you a great deal. I’ll have all my fingers and toes crossed for you on 8th June – I can’t believe that such a nice person has had such bad luck – you certainly don’t deserve this.

    It sounds as if your surgeon knows what he is doing if he does 200 of these ops a year. I think you are being very brave and I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I will obviously see you before then but you know that we will all be thinking of you on the big day and beforehand – you are sorely missed.

    Speak soon and please keep us all posted.

    With love from Helen

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