Home Again

Came home yesterday afternoon.

Had increasing chest pain Tuesday evening so called the ambulance. They kept me in overnight as a precaution. Turned out only to be angina, rather than a heart attack, but it was persistent, only responding temporarily to GTN spray – though I did, inexplicably, have over an hour free of it on Wednesday afternoon.

They suggested trying Isosorbide Mononitrate, which provides longer-term opening of the coronary arteries: I had been on this in 1988, after my original attack, but it gave me an appalling headache and I couldn’t tolerate it. However, I now seem able to tolerate it, and it is doing the job 🙂

So hopefully it will keep me going until my surgery.

Once again the NHS was superb – I was very well looked after by some very kind people.

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  1. Iain says:

    Get well soon and hurry up and get that caravan out!!! Lots of plans for you.. Lake District too wet so Italy it is
    All the best for now

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