Plan d’eau

Had been intending to have an easy day …

Went to Faverges to shop.

Plan d’eau Marlens

Then walked to local pond/lake, which has seats, play area etc. Battling Japanese knot weed, various info about various ways they are tackling it, none of which seemed to be working from what we saw.

Lunch, then “stroll” to see village of Marlens. Much modern housing development, all large (or very large) Swiss chalet type buildings. Amazing. People generally rather unfriendly. Centre is older agricultural village, barns combined with houses, much more cluttered than the new parts.

New house Marlens

Decided to go for a short stroll out of village up the hill. Took us three quarters of an hour up steep climb to isolated house/farm. Learned later that a family lives there full time!

On way down met lady collecting non-edible fungus for talk to local group. She was very friendly.

Back to campsite, bought cakes from shop adjacent campsite – couldn’t resist!

Considering journey from here. About 900 kms to go, all-year camp sites not that plentiful or where we would like them, but think we can break it into 3 300km stages, or thereabouts.

Pizza and cakes for tea!

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