I think I am There

Haven’t posted here in quite a while – indicative I think that  I have been getting back to normal and doing more interesting things. Have been feeling gradually better and more active.

My ME/CFS is still a problem, particularly as I can’t take my “magic pills” (Dosulepin) which reduced the symptoms. They are risky for my heart in its present condition. I am not bad on good days, but not at all good on bad ones. Felt terrible on waking this morning, but had had several good, and very active, days so I can’t complain … well I could but it wouldn’t do me any good!

Went into Derriford Hospital on 1st November to have the troublesome wire removed under a general anaesthetic. All pretty straightforward though it was pretty painful once the anaesthetic wore off, including making my frozen shoulder much more painful.

Had the stitches out 10 days later, and the pain went !!!

The wound appeared to be settling down, but then produced two more ‘bubbles’ which appeared to be filled with serous fluid and blood. Was put on antibiotics again by GP and it has gradually settled down and is healing well now.

Saw the surgeon at the Exeter Hospital today (half-bus/half-walked there, and walked all the way back. Not bad on a bad day!) – it seems that the new grafts I have should see me for a good while, all being well. The previous ones lasted a very good time, 17 years, and if I can control my risk factors, these could last as long. I probably need to be fairly aggressive in keeping my blood pressure and cholesterol levels down. My (Type 2) Diabetes is also a factor, so no cakes, biscuits, chocolate …. 🙁

Life seems to be back to as close to normal as I can hope for, so I don’t think I shall be posting on this subject again, unless there is any great change.

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