More tunnels !

Tired after long journey yesterday. Would like to stay but need to get on toward Rome.

Cool morning (12) but sunny, though it didn’t get into the valley before we left. Sunny all the journey, up to 24 degrees.

Set off 10:50 for Arezzo – 155 miles. Returned up road to motorway, and realised just how high it goes, and how steeply!

Long stretch of motorway to begin with is all tunnels and viaducts again. Didn’t really think one country could have so many. Puts our infrastructure to shame. Surprised that the cost hasn’t made Italy technically bankrupt … Oh, it already is:-)

The rest of the journey was more level, fairly easy.

Campsite about 10 Kms from Arezzo – only opened in 2007 so not grown in, and we were in need of shade, of which there was only a limited amount !

Walked into village to mini market – limited range of basics. Pleasant little place.

Cooled rapidly (to 19!) after 5pm, needed jumpers.

Received video from Lucy of Daisy just about crawling – one back leg seemed to be going forward, the other back! She is just 8 months.

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