I have only vague recollections of Beat, though I saw her quite a lot when I was a lad. The last time I saw her was probably in the late 1960s.

She was married twice - her latter married name was Bliss. She had a son and a daughter, I think each from the two marriages. I think her daughter was called Rose, her son Geoff.

For some years Beat farmed in an isolated location somewhere near Llanrhystud, with Geoff, and possible her second husband. I remember staying there on my own for a week when I was maybe 7 or 8. Quite an adventure, but one had to be pretty independent.

Nick and I later stayed with Geoff on a farm he had acquired - again quite an adventure for us. There was no electricity and the only radio station available was Radio 4 Long Wave (though it might have been called the Home Service then). My memory is of Geoff and his wife being very kind, in contrast to Beat who was a hard-edged businesswoman, with little sympathy for any sort of perceived weakness. She always seemed to have some new business idea on the go, often buying and selling. One that stands out in my mind is collecting moss from hedgerows and selling it to florists.

Beat's relationship with her siblings was generally not good, she being seen by them as exploitative and selfish. Things seemed to ebb and flow, with "truces" interspersed with more turbulent times.

Beat lived with her mother (my grandmother) at times, in the view of the rest of the family for selfish reasons. She spent several years there at the end of my grandmother's stay at the Mount, but I am not sure where she went after that. I believe that she may have spent her latter years with her daughter, in the Home Counties. She lived to a good age, into her 80s