Gert (as she was known during much of my life) wished to be known as Trudy later in life.

There appeared to be some sort of falling out in the family, and from about the time that she married, there was little if any contact with her, though I do remember my father visiting when we were on holiday in Wales during the 1950s. I think that I may have met her briefly then, and possibly one of her (2?) sons. I think she lived for many years in Borth, on the coast, not that far from the farm that Beat occupied for many years.

Despite this apparent rift, one of her sons always visited his (and my) grandmother each year on her birthday, something that always touched her.

She appears to have moved to Shrewsbury during the 1980s: my father and his brother (Ernie) were both living in Bayston Hill, just outside Shrewsbury at the time, and my father apparently heard that she was living locally but seemed unwilling to make any great effort to contact her. However, he saw her in a large store in Shrewsbury quite by chance and immediately recognised her. They re-established contact but I got the impression that neither side was keen.

One incident was mentioned, where she was sure some curtains had gone missing from her flat. Ernie & Kay got involved too but after much investigation and pondering, they were not convinced these curtains had ever been there and no sign was ever found.

Trudy moved into a residential home in her latter years, and lived into her 90s. My cousin Clive kindly visited her for a while, but she said she felt uncomfortable with this and he stopped. Clive was one of very few people at her funeral.