Charlie was I think the eldest of the family.

My understanding is that he was in the Army at the start of the Second World War, and was sent to Ireland which he found traumatic, and had some sort of breakdown, and was never the same again. When we visited, he was often in the bedroom, "unwell". Looking back, I think he suffered from depression.

His wife Marion was a large round jolly woman, who was unfortunately very deaf.

They lived on the Mount Estate, just round the corner from my Grandmother. When the Mount was compulsorily purchased, Charlie and Marion moved into Council accommodation in Solihull, where they subsequently died. I think Marion may have spent her last days living with one of the children.

They had four children - Les, Pat, Gillian and Violet (though not necessarily in that order).

I only vaguely remember the girls, but do have some recollections of Les, who I think I last saw in the 1960s. He was always very friendly, and had some understanding of technical and engineering things that always interested me. He seems to have lived in various places and to have done a variety of jobs, sometimes going back to live with his parents. He spent some time in London working on the Tube. He would occasionally turn up at my parents out of the blue. I believe he currently lives in Portugal.