Making Progress

Felt very weak when i returned home, but am a little better each day.

So many cards and messages from kind people – sorry, can’t acknowledge them all.

Passed my “milestones” and should have come home on Sunday, but felt ‘strange’ all day- difficult to define, slightly faint, hazy. So I stayed but felt fine on Monday. They couldn’t find any real problem, though did find I was anaemic and put me on iron tablets, that subsequently gave me very unpleasant diarrhoea.

Did the last test on Monday morning, up and down stairs with a physio, which I completed OK, but on returning to the ward, fainted! Quite a surprise, and not very pleasant. They couldn’t find any real reason – my blood pressure within a minute or two was fine.

So should I stay? Various tests were normal and I hesitated, but finally decided I had had enough of hospital and would be better off at home which has proved the case – I have the best nurse in the world.

They appear to have done a good job as I don’t have angina, but I have yet to test this out, and to find out more details.

Although the hospital was excellent, the whole process made me rather confused, and I am still recovering from this.

I am sure that is normality I can see on the horizon!

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