More Progress

A bit up and down from day to day, but overall gradually getting there. A bit frustrating at times – I don’t do this illness thing!

Have been gradually been building up my walking and managed 25 minutes with Deb and the dog around the fields here today.

Am also doing a few small things around the house- Deb got tea in bed this morning, instead of her waiting on me all the time.

We have been to the allotment a couple of times – I can’t do much, but I have picked some peas.

Appetite is improving – what I like best are our home-grown veg, cooked by Deb of course.

Have had a couple of visitors – very pleasant but tiring. Our daughter Lucy and grandson Isaac stayed overnight on Thursday. Again very pleasant but exhausting – how do 2-year olds keep going for 12 hours non-stop?

I can’t drive before mid-August, but don’t think I will want to do anything substantial before that anyway. Might start getting back to normal in Sept … Watch this space.

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