18 again ?

Doing well, a lot better than a month ago 🙂

Much more active and feeling more energetic and confident. Walked to and from the hospital yesterday for a research project for which I volunteered – silly me, part of it was a mental functioning test, and I think I failed! How many words could I give in a minute that begin with ‘P’ – I think I managed four 🙁 2.3 miles each way (according to Google Maps) and I did it in 40 minutes each time.

Did the same again today, to see the surgical team about the section of my chest wound that hasn’t healed. Turns out it is a wire that is protruding too far out – the problem is that I don’t have as much sub-cutical tissue as I need, partly because I am too slim! They say that it could be done under a local anaesthetic, but that would probably still be painful so have recommended a general, which should only be brief as they describe it as “a five-minute job”. Hopefully will be done in a couple of weeks time down at Plymouth.

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