Got there? Not quite …

Away in the Cotswolds in our caravan at the moment, with superb weather! On a small farm site near Bibury with some friends.

My chest wound still hasn’t settled down and I suspect will have to be opened up again once we are home. But not a problem given the amazing improvement in my heart function. Exactly 12 weeks to the day after my op, we went for a circular walk from here which worked out at 8 miles ! Took 4 hours, but nevertheless a remarkable achievement given that before the op I had difficulty walking 80 yards.

Lucy came up from Cardiff today and we met at the Cotswold Farm Park, which is about half an hour from here. Very good day, but Isaac didn’t stop, and although he thoroughly enjoyed himself, he left these two old wrinklies distinctly sagging too!

Bibury is full of Chinese tourists, doing Europe in two weeks, Bourton on the water is similar, and we have renamed it “on the sewer” on account of the overpowering stench that pervaded the place.

Northleach is very pleasant, a few tourists like us wandering around, but otherwise unspoilt, and lots of locals visiting the shops.

The whole area is very picturesque, and we are seeing it in the best weather, but it is fantastically expensive! We couldn’t afford an outside loo.

Our old Labrador, Hannah, is doing well. She has managed much more walking than we had expected (but not the 8-mile trek), and has amused the tourists with her playing in the stream in Bibury.

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