Rome traffic

Set off from Arezzo 10:45 to travel to northern outskirts of Rome. 130 miles, easy journey.

GRA (Grande Raccordo Annulare- extremely complex ring road around Rome) was very busy and it was a large measure of luck and the satnav that got us to Camping Tiber. Very pleasant chap on reception spoke excellent English.

Rain was forecast for today, but although cloudy much of the time, and threatening, nothing more than an occasional few spots. And mild too! (Addendum – rain came at 5pm)

Confusion over water that is potable and impotabile – unlabelled taps or OK apparently. Filled two containers from unlabelled tap before I realised it stank of hydrogen sulphide, terrible! Only potable tap turned off, but turned on when I pointed this out. Much rinsing of containers – we have a separate container for water we use to cook or drink, but the smell would have permeated the caravan.

Walked through extensive site which is obviously very busy in the season, but very quiet now. On the bank of the wide Tiber (Tevere) but fenced off from it.

We are off to Lella’s tomorrow thank goodness, we don’t like cities!!!

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