Terrible night

Thunder, lightning, torrential rain – didn’t sleep too well. Campsite is on the banks of the Tiber, which is huge here, and worried we would be inundated, but OK. Warm though, 17degrees. Forecast is for more rain, but worst overnight, hopefully.

On to Lella – decided to take ordinary road, big mistake, loads of traffic, very slow took an hour and three quarters. Lella waiting at rendezvous point.

Tricky manoeuvring caravan down her drive – had to turn outfit round using entrance to field (thanks to 4 wheel drive)’ then reverse round corner and down steep drive. Clutch smelling a bit! Not sure how easy it will be to get out again.

Great to see Lella, we all had poor memories of dates and details, but with help of photos worked out we went to Arena in August 1983 and she came to Hannover and on week-long trip to England in May 1985.

Difficulty with language – not bad with Lella in German, but children speak no real English (though later in day, Sarah volunteering bits in English, and clearly understanding us more) and Alessandro only speaks Italian so he was very left out, even with Lella translating.

Drove to Paliano and Lella gave us tour and did some shopping. Very old town but tatty. Went into church and were given book with pictures if paintings.

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