Leaving Lella’s

Lella's House

Lella’s House


Snow on distant mountains from Lella's house

Snow on distant mountains from Lella’s house

Pics above from the last few days.

Very cold last night, down to 3 degrees. Worried battery getting low and heating wouldn’t work, but OK. I really should have invested in a spare battery to charge in car during days out, and refillable propane cylinder, but thought we would manage.

For various reasons, reluctantly decided to start our gradual return journey today.

246 miles. Inauspicious start as I had set satnav to avoid tolls, and when we realised, signs to motorway were poor, and we had to turn round – luckily found somewhere of the road.

But then straightforward motorway journey, arrived Lucca to find that some sort off Disney festival is due to start tomorrow, so campsite will be full, though they can fit us in, albetit at higher rate. Pitches very small, intended for camper vans, but we squeezed in.

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