Cold night, lots of rain. Bright sun on waking but showers later. Snow on not-so-distant mountain.

Drove to Paliano and managed to find our way around to do some shopping. Wandered up hill in maze of steps and alleyways.

Went to Anagno, but very difficult. Lots of traffic, people driving like lunatics, parked cars everywhere, signs hopeless, ended up driving around and through town and out the other side. Almost gave up, but turned round and managed to find car park, more by chance. Rained so we had lunch, then found cathedral, which then closed 5 minutes after we went in (1pm).

Wandered round backstreets, another maze, incredible how things have developed into a proper muddle over the centuries. Some renovated buildings, but most rather dilapidated. Wonderful views over cloud-wreathed mountains and valleys.

Back at Lella’s tried to buy Europass for my Three dongle, but couldn’t. Rang them, but it is only for phones, not dongles! Not apparent from website, muppets! Lella’s connection is very poor, and that I got through Three Italy was much better, so disappointing.

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