Saturday 22nd August 2020

Bright and sunny, set off for Ardtoe again – plan was to stay there one night, then do walk nearby tomorrow and then overnight on Forestry Car park then on to Bunree CC site on Monday. Scotland is so busy we are likely to wend our way home.

Arrived Ardtoe, weather variable but went for walk over sand (tide out) and rocks. Fine at first but just as we were getting onto sand again, Deb fell, I tried to steady her but she hurt herself badly. In great pain and in shock. Elderly retired GP on hand and helpful.

No phone signal and possibly dislocated shoulder we thought so drove to Bunree CC site (took an hour and a half for 30 miles). Rang 111 and they directed us to A & E in Fort William – they were superb and diagnosed breast at head of humerus. Provided sling and painkillers.

Returned to site 10.30pm, had something to eat and spent better night than we had expected.





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