Progress and Thanks

Getting there very gradually – still need an hour or two’s sleep each afternoon, but able to do a bit more when I am conscious. Getting out with the dog for up to 45 minutes most days, though as an old, arthritic Labrador she has become a bit slow for me!

Managing to use the bus now as I can walk up the hill home from the bus stop – this was previously impossible because of angina.

My wounds have been healing amazingly well, but a few days ago a small part of the chest wound started oozing and needed attention, not sure what caused the problem, but perhaps a stitch had got caught in my clothing. Expert attention from the Health Centre and a nurse friend have got it improving.

We have had so many cards, letters. good wishes, phone messages asking after us – amazing, I didn’t know so many people knew of my existence, let alone were interested in its continuance! We have responded individually where we can, but it has been impossible to do this to everyone, so if you are one of these kind people, please consider yourself thanked here.

We have also had many kind offers of help. For the most part we have been able to cope, but it was good to be able to take up a couple of these when we were a bit stuck.

Although I am still getting over the savaging of the op, anaesthetic and heart/lung pump, my heart seems to be performing pretty well, though I haven’t pushed myself too hard yet. Very gratifying, some sort of normality is hopefully just over the horizon, and we are already contemplating being able to use the caravan again before the weather deteriorates too much.

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