Slow Progress

Still progressing, but still frustratingly slow. Up some days, down others, but seem to be markedly better today. Not sure if it is the results of the op, my ME, or my being so inactive since March, or a combination of two or more.

After some TLC (thanks Linda!) the section of my chest wound that had erupted is now healing well, and the remainder of the wounds have continued to heal very well – one section of the leg is almost completely healed up. The powers of Mother Nature!

We have both had a throat/cold/cough bug which we probably got from our grandson Isaac, and which has been very persistent. I have found the cough particularly difficult, but it didn’t get too bad, and seems to be abating now.

Overall pain has been reducing and I am more mobile now, but for some unknown reason, my chest was very painful yesterday and painkillers didn’t have much effect. Better today strangely.

I have been able to potter around doing things on the computer, in the house and garden but haven’t had any stamina, either physically or mentally, spending short periods active then giving up, but that now seems to be improving. The mental effects of the anaesthetic and heart/lung pump have been quite marked, but I seem to be getting a lot more clear-headed now.

No angina at all though 🙂 Haven’t pushed myself too much (no Lakeland peaks yet) but it is a relief. I plan to resume driving on Tuesday – I haven’t driven since March so will feel a lot freer. I have been able to use the bus recently though as I can now walk up the hill home from the bus stop.

We have provisionally planned a trip to Gloucestershire and Cardiff at the end of the month – I had been beginning to think I wouldn’t be up to it, but it looks more promising at the moment.

Oh, and we are to be grandparents a second time – our daughter Lucy is expecting her second in February.


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