More active

Still moving forwards but not as fast as I want – impatient young man that I am!

Started driving again last week (after nearly 5 months), no problem, just as if I had never stopped. Mind you I have been driving since I was 16 so presumably it is like walking. The additional movements have I think made my chest more painful, but no pain, no gain 😉 And it is good to be freed up.

Have started playing the recorder again, but surprising how it tires me. Generally I don’t have the strength and stamina I used to have, but this may be partly because of my ME and the fact that I can’t take the pills that used to reduce the symptoms.

Getting a lot of pain from my shoulder, which goes back many months, but has nothing to do with my heart problems or surgery. It has become very troublesome. Saw a physiotherapist earlier this week who has given me some exercises, but no progress yet.

This sounds like a catalogue of complaints, but I am keeping busy and am not so bored – working on a website, an idea I had many months ago. Interesting, and gives me all sorts of ideas for things to find out about.

And I am now too fast for our faithful old, arthritic Labrador – went for a walk (Trenchford Reservoir) the other day with her. Took 50 minutes. Went for the same walk a bit later without her, took me 30 minutes!

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