Getting There

Was it British Rail who used this slogan? Not sure they ever did arrive, just travelled hopefully 😉

Managing not to sleep in the afternoons, and mostly sleeping better at night – though I did doze off briefly sitting in the sun after lunch yesterday. Got a bit too comfortable after a busy morning!

Pain generally much reduced (though it comes and goes, worse some days, better others) and I am able to move more easily. My frozen shoulder too has been a little less limiting. I have been referred for a steroid injection, though I must say I am not keen.

Had my follow-up appointment with the surgeon yesterday. Unfortunately not the chap who did the op, but his Registrar who wasn’t there. Confirmed however that I have a broken rib, though not clear how this happened. I assume it was in the course of the chest opening, and is what gives me most pain now. But who cares, a small price to pay for the improvement I have.

Unfortunately the chest wound is giving trouble again, and I am taking antibiotics. They aren’t sure what the problem is. Maybe a suture, or maybe part of the wire that holds my sternum together – the latter would involve opening it up and snipping it, but under a local so little problem. I might get to watch! Mmmmmmmmmm …

No angina at all, despite walking pretty vigorously sometimes. A miracle! I spent what seemed like an age able to do so little that it is a relief to get out and feel the wind in my hair. My blood pressure was a bit high, but now seems to have settled down, probably part of the long recovery process.

I have been off for two whole days out, Taunton and Gloucestershire, which I managed OK, but was tired for a couple of days afterwards. I am getting back to more of my previous activities, but am reluctant to get involved in too much in the way of regular comittments. I don’t want to feel pressured, but do more of what I want when I want.

We are planning to get away with the caravan, assuming my chest settles down – hope the weather holds.

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