Bout of heavy rain early in night, but then dry. Slept much better. Clocks went back so extra hour:-) spotting with rain 8.30. Started to clear so went to Palestrina, not too far, about half hour.

Couldn’t find composer’s museum, didn’t seem to exist in the place shown on website. Walked up towards archeological museum. Took a wrong turning and ended up going way above town, on footpath that did tour of various rural monuments. Very cold wind, so turned back and descended to find museum. Palace (15C) built on site of Roman temple, only properly excavated after WW2.

Very interesting, some excellent mosaics. Our time was limited but managed to pretty well see it all. Most signs only in Italian, staff didn’t speak English though one did speak some French. Seemed strange for an attraction likely to bring foreigners. English translations on main descriptions in rooms, but some words I had never heard of, eg inhumation (for burial).

Back to car for lunch, then ATM to get cash – worked OK this times, wouldn’t when I tried in Arezzo. Seems some banks don’t handle foreign cards.

Back to Lela’s. Alessandro picking few remaining olives. We looked round her garden, extensive on a slope, but she grows a lot of salad stuff. Vey shaded by olive trees, but this probably good due to hot sun in summer.

Not able to add photos due to very poor 3G Internet connection, to transfer pics from iPhone to iPad. Too far from exchange to get ADSL I think.

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